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with Mile Marker 0 where
Chris Ring Legacies Alive
swam to.

- Advocate for Citizens of Louisa County -
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History, Records, and photos of
Columbus Community Wrestling
1965 to 1983 Coach Ken Purdy

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If you need guidance or help dealing with county entities , let me know. With my experience as a former Louisa County supervisor, I may be able to help you.


23423 Highway 92
Columbus Junction, IA 52738

Phone: 319-728-2274

Cell: 319-212-0188

Jo Ann Emerson and Ken Purdy
Ken Purdy, REC Director
Receiving the NRECA CCD (Cooperative Credentialed Director) Certificate on September 10, 2014
from Jo Anne Emerson, CEO NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association).
Ken took five clasees and tests covering "Director Duties and Liabilites", "Understanding the Electric Business",
"Board Operations & Processes", "Strategic Planning", and "Financial Decision Making.

Eastern Iowa Light and Power REC
2012- Current

Terms on the
Louisa County Board of Supervisors.

1st term 2001-2004

    2nd term 

Thanks for the opportunity to serve on the Louisa County Board of Supervisors.  It was a rewarding experience. As a supervisor I gained much knowledge of county governement and have made many lasting connections.  I am putting the knowledge and contacts to good use being an advocate of the people of Louisa County. 

Photo of World
                    Record Holders 8 youth

Aerial Photos of Columbus Junction 7/12/11 Guinness World Record 27 hrs. in a Bouncy Castle set at  Louisa County Fair
July 27, 2012
16 minute movie

2008 Flood Photos at bottom of page

Link to my Photo Gallery uploads from Cell Phone Periodically.

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 The boards I am still on:

1.  REC Board Member from District IV.    Eastern Iowa Light and Power.

2. Community Foundation of Louisa County -On January 18th of 2016 we distributed grant money to Louisa County organizations to the tune of  $98,000.  If you wish more information contact me or go to Community Foundation of Louisa County.

3.  Louisa County Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustment (commonly called variance board).

I am still active on the above groups.

I am no longer on these boards.

- Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission
- Louisa County Board of Health
- Louisa Regional Unity Board
- Mayors and supervisors in the region.
- Southeast Iowa Regional Transit Committee - RTA (Regional Transit Agency) provides public transportation including aging and disabled. Call 1-866-753-5107
-Community Action of Southeast Iowa
-Louisa Development Group
-Southeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging.


Accomplishments of the board in my two terms.

1. The current board of supervisors was responsible for obtaining an Economic Development Director for Louisa County. I was a part of this effort. I feel this is one of the most important accomplishments of any board. The mission of this group is to raise incomes or the tax base in Louisa County. This is reflected in the 2004 work plan for the director: Work with government bodies to plan for growth. Gather and compile information regarding economic opportunities in Louisa County. Encourage spending locally to keep money in Louisa County. Market economic opportunities in Louisa County. Work with existing businesses to facilitate improvement and growth to bring more money to Louisa County. Create a formal plan for LDG's marketing effort.

2. Started the clean up of contaminated soil at the Texaco Station in Oakville, This includes excavation of soil and demolishing the old station and getting the property back on the tax rolls, at no cost to the county. I helped find out that county's are eligible for Underground Storage Tank clean up funds. $300,000 from the state Underground Storage Tank funds will be used in Louisa County for the clean up at no cost to the county. No matching dollars are required for countys. A new well was intstalled for the city of Oakville at no cost to local government.

3. Helped guide the progress of getting the GIS (Geographical Information System) for the county. The system involves taking high resolution aerial photographs of the county, digitizing the photos and putting them into a computer, and attaching data layers to the aerial photograph. Some of the data layers are: text documents in the court house involving real estate information and taxes, roads and right a way layers, utilities, lot lines, 911 addresses, confinement facilities and minimum distances to neighbors, trails, conservation board ground, school district boundaries, fire districts, etc. The system should streamline the work in several offices and help the constituent access information quicker and easier.

4. With the recommendations of existing staff and the board of supervisors, helped guide and approve the reorganization of Community Services and the CPC's office into one office. This reorganization saved 4/5 the cost of one full time equivalent person and benefits.

5. Helped guide the Louisa Regional Solid Waste Agency in managing the closed landfill at Cairo and the Transfer station in Wapello. This process involved meeting requirements of the DNR and past debt obligations of the agency to Great River Solid Waste. The Louisa Regional Solid Waste Agency is operating smoothly.

6. Helped score the first Matrix (animal confinement scoring sheet) for the DNR in the county. This scoring system introduced by the DNR this year is used to evaluate animal confinement facilities. Unfortunately, this is only for facilities housing over 2500 animal units and the DNR still has the final say. However, by a county board of supervisors being willing to score the matrix, this gives the board of supervisors the right to give input to the DNR on whether to issue a construction permit.

7. Manually helped clean up the Fredonia Cemetery of old LP tanks and dispose of them properly at no cost to the county.

8. Was one of the intial organizers of the Community Foundation of Louisa County. I am on the board of directors and am active in granting the $58,000 + money coming from state gambling revenue to Louisa County organizations. The goal is to grow a permanent endowment fund (a fund you only spend the interest off) to do good in Louisa County forever. To date, the Community Foundation has over $100,000 in their pemranent endowment funds. The goal is to raise this to a million dollars.

9. Helping the board lead the new jail project and passing the 1% local option sales tax to fund the new jail. The Jail should be completed in April 2009.

10. Helping the board on it's effort to pave the last 3 miles of the great river road.

11. Helped witht the flood recovery efforts.

12. Changed county zoning requirement from 5 acres to 2 acres for a dwelling in the unincorperarted area with safe guards for prime farm ground.

13. Helped an individual get a buy out when originally not on the list. He will get over $100,000 because of my efforts.

14. Helped the same individual in his dealings with county zoning so he could build a house on his high ground after the flood of 2008. My belief is a zoning administrator should help an individual with the zoning hurdles put in front of them. This will create a job for a local contractor and increase the tax base.


 My Background

I am a life long resident of Louisa County so I feel I am very knowledgeable about the county. I spent the first 22 years of my life in Wapello, IA where I graduated from high school in 1961, first in my class. I got my Masters Degree in Mathematical Statistics from the University of IA in 1969.

I taught HS mathematics at the Columbus Community School District from 1965-1999. I started the wrestling program at Columbus and coached wrestling for 18 years, and coached the boys track team for 30 years. All programs (math, wrestling, track) were very successful.

I retired from teaching in June of 1999. I now have the time to devote to being a county supervisor and do devote the needed time.

As a youth in Wapello I worked on farms around Wapello (John Hupp, Paul Buster, Wayne Ryan,Jack Dotson, etc). While going to college I worked summers at the US Gypsum plant in Sperry, IA. I worked 2 summers for the Louisa County engineer on a survey crew out on the roads and drew cross sections of the roads of Louisa County in the office. It was fun work. I learned a lot about surveying and the county road system and it paid my way through college.

While teaching at Columbus I was active in the salary negotiation process and learned to deal with multi-million dollar budgets. I was instrumental in the fund raising project to build the all weather track in CJ. I worked one summer at the former Rath Packing Plant in CJ to see first hand what the parents of a lot of my students did.

Yes, I feel I am very knowledgable of the county. I feel I can make informed logical decisions because of my background.

Supervisor Duties

The supervisors are in charge of the non elected officials in Louisa County, such as the county engineer (Secondary Road Dept.), Community Services and CPC director, and court house custodian. The supervisors make appointments to the board of health, conservation board, etc. The supervisors also approve the budget of each department, including elected officials, so they do have a significant influence on the other elected officials. Besides the weekly regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday mornings at the court house, each supervisor is on various committees that meet during the week representing the county.

My last term on the board.
Supervisors 2008
Supervsors Frank Jamision, Ken Purdy,
                  Dave Wilson
Frank Jamison(2007-2010), Ken Purdy (2001-2008), Dave Wilson (2005-2008)

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Louisa County
Businesses and Organizations on the Web:
  Columbus Junction, Iowa Homepage
 Columbus Community School
Columbus Junction State Bank
Community Bank Peoples Office
 Delzell Bros. Morning Sun
 Duncan Real Estate,Cell Phones, Internet
  H&P Minerals and Gems, CJ
Info. about Louisa County
Ken Purdy Powered Parachute Instructional Flights 
 Louisa County Pheasants Forever
Mincer Ford, CJ  
Stacey -Lewis Funeral Home, CJ
Columbus Junction

 TriOak Foods (Oakville)

 I am for this Lake Odessa
I will work to keep this Lake Odessa from happening.
To go to the web site for Lake Odessa for the People <---- Click here.
2008 Louisa County Flood Photos with Descriptions

Page 1 Unique Flood Photos 2008 of Louisa County Wapello, Columbus Jct.
Page 2 of Flood Photos. Awesome Oakville, Fredonia, Mystery Photo Resolved,
Cedar River North of CJ along Highway 70, Keithsburg, Lock 17
Page 3 Senator McCain in CJ 6/19/08, Wedding on Viaduct, Road Damage
Page 4 Purdy/Cutkomp cabin at Port Louisa Mile Marker 441 on Mississippi River,
NE of Wapello, IA. Probably has local interest only.
Page 5 Oakville tour by boat thanks to Dave Shipman on June 20, 2008.
Page 6 Link to PBS online movie of Jeff Boyer's boat tour
of his confinent operation and rescue of some hogs.
Page 7: 6/28/08 Governor Culver Tour of Oakville and RR Incident at CJ
Page 8 Video of Cabins going under Hwy 99 Bridge North of Oakville during Flood of 2008
I believe long time friend Ruth Meyerholz took the video
Page 9 Video of rotating Tractor Tire against RR bridge East of Columbus Jct.
Video taken by Andy Carpenter. Just an interesting view.
Page 10 Flood Photos comparing During and after the Louisa County Flood 2008
  Louisa Development Group
 Board Minutes and Agenda
 Lake Odessa for the People
 County GIS web site
Louisa County Web Site
 Community Foundation
 2008 Flood
Photo Menu
   Cabin Map


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