Louisa County 2008 Flood During and After


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Governor Culver made his second tour starting in CJ and going to Oakville.  This time he brought the Rebuild Iowa Commission with him.
The first few photos have a before and after theme.  The last photos were taken over Oakville on Sunday, August 10.  I and Kirk Swanson made the flight in my Powered Parachute.  Thanks go to Ruger and and Tom Allworth for letting me use their air strip.
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IMG_2724 Fairgrounds during 6:15:08 Fairgrounds 7:23:08 After East CJ Bowl, Medical, Economart During
Dave Wilson, Mayor Dan Wilson, Gov. Culver and myself starting the flood Rebuild Iowa tour in CJ. Louisa County Fair Grounds during flood at Columbus Jct. Louisa County Fair going on after the flood. Columbus Jct. businesses during flood.
East CJ Recovery7:23 Fairgrounds and East CJ 6:15:08 East CJ during East C J2 7:23

CJ Business after flood East of CJ during flood
East of CJ during flood

East of CJ after flood

Oakville Looking North IMG_0139 Oakville Overall IMG_0134
Oakville during flood

Oakville after flood.  If you know where to look, you can see the Mayor's temporay trailor home parked beside her house donated by a judge in Mississippi. 
Tri-Oak in Oakville during Flood. Tri-Oak after flood
Boyer during 6:20:08 Boyer After 7:23:08 Boyer Inside drywall Yield during 4ft drop
My niece Jane and Doug Boyer East of Oakville.

Boyer's after the flood
Inside Boyer's after the flood.  Tearing out dry wall and rebuilding.

Yield sign after water has gone down 3 feet by Boyer's East of Oakville.

Yield East Oakville Rec. Ken and Gov. Culver Oakville 99 South during 6:20:08 Oakville 99 South Recovery7:22:08
Same yield sign after the flood Governor Culver and Ken Purdy in Oakville  during the Rebuild Iowa Commission tour.  I and Mayor Grooms lobbied the governor to sign Plan M to allow higher levees to be rebuilt. Hwy 99 looking South in Oakville Hwy 99 after county filled in the holes where the trees were across the road in the previous picture.

Habitat House in Oakville IMG_0137 IMG_0130 IMG_0131
Kirk Swanson home.  Kirk Swanon's home after the flood.  He was with me while we took this photo.  I liked Kirk's positive attitude.  "I am rebuilding and have gone to SBA for a loan".

Amazing is all I can say.  Take a look at the house in the middle of the field in the background.  It belongs on the foundation next to the garage in the foreground.

Here is where that house belongs in the previous photo on Hwy 99 South of Oakville.  Sorry, Lola Yotter.
IMG_0120 IMG_0124 IMG_0126 IMG_0148
Levee break West of Oakville on IA River showing sand debris.  The white horizontal feature in middle of the photo is the temporary levee. Here is a closer look of the temporary levee from the previous photo. Levee debris on fields in the same area. Boyer's home after the flood seen above.
Temp Levee and H22 South Oakville Temp Levee Temp Levee and H22 South Temp Levee over H22
Finishing the temporary levee West of Oakville. Temporary levee looking NE toward Oakville.
Temporary Levee looking South from H22 (K Road).
Looking East on H22 (K Road) at temporary levee built across the road.
Water over H22 7:22:08 Skid Steer Skid Steer Abby Webb Skid Steer Abby Wood @

After flood skid steer rodeo at the fair.  County Fair Queen at the stick.

Skid Steer Carpenter Democrats Vote Purdy IMG_0151 IMG_0157
Andy Carpenter had the fastest time, but adding penalty time for missing the mark with these balls got him second. I had to put this in.  Fellow supervisor Frank Jamison on the right and his wife Sandy standing by my car as if supporting my campaign.  Frank is a Democrat and I am Republican.  Thanks for supporting me Frank and Sandy. East of Oakville there was still water on Sunday, August 10, 2009. East of Oakville,
homes that need demolished.

IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0160 IMG_0167

Pumping Station NE of Oakville that will get this water out when the station becomes operational.

Homes NE of Oakville
IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0176
Cleaning up confinement East of Oakville

East of Oakville and looking South.  Many fields have been replanted in beans.  You can see some dust in the background.
Debris piled on county road to get picked up.

Culvert out SE of Oakville

IMG_0179 IMG_0180 IMG_0188 IMG_0192
That's my foot.  Altimeter reads 700ft. on lower left of display.  Somewhere near Oakville.

This was a sunset over Oakville.  I couldn't resist ending with this for now. 

Self photo in the mirror of me and Kirk Swanson in the rear near Oakville.
South of Oakville on Hwy 99 in Des Moines County.  They were a little slower getting temporary roads in place. Temporary Levee West of Oakville looking to the North with H22 (K Road) going left and right in the foreground.

Sunset Oakville 8:7:08