6/19/08 Senator McCain in Columbus Jct., Wedding on Viaduct,  Road damage.

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McCain and Dan McCain and Ken McCain in CJ6:08  0101 McCain and Business owner 0104
Mayor Dan Wilson and Senator John McCain
Senator McCain and Louisa County Supervisor Ken Purdy (With Secret Service peering over John's right shoulder). www.kenpurdy.com
Sheriff Curt Braby, McCain, Mayor Wilson and City Council.
McCain talking with business owners affected.
McCain Bus. Closeup 0105 McCain Close 0107 McCain on the go 0108 McCain Main St.
McCain and Business owners
Mc Cain and Business owners
McCain on the move on Walnut St. headed to Main St. CJ
Mc Cain headed North on Maint St. CJ
McCain council McCain Wedding couple McCain and Ron Marietta in CJ 6:08 0103
 City Councilmen Mark Huston and Hal Prior, Mayor Wilson, and Senator McCain.
Inside American Legion CJ. Senator McCain wishing the married couple to be good luck
Ron Cutkomp and John McCain
Marianette Miller-Meeks,
candidate for US Representative http://millermeeksforcongress.com/cms/
Wedding Press view Wedding and clean up Mayor Wilson and Bride Mayor, bride, groom
Crowd for future Mr. and Mrs. White's wedding on viaduct, Hwy 92, over Columbus Jct.
View behind wedding crowd to the East of CJ.  Levee clean up on Hwy 92 in Background.
Mayor Wilson escorts and gives away the bride.  The bride's father is deceased.
The groom was called to duty and their wedding day had been set.  The town of Columbus Jct. helped the couple proceed with their wedding come "Hell or High Water". 
vow 3 US 22 west of muscatine US 61 north of Wapello us 6 at cedar river 6
The wedding vows being said  as a thankful town attends the wedding of one of the Guard's members who helped in CJ.
Here's is why you can't travel Hwy 22 to Muscatine.  DOT Web site.
Hwy 61 North of Wapello may be open for one lane traffic the week of 6/23/08.  Emailed to me by my  niece Judy Ball.
Hwy 6 West of Muscatine.  DOT web site.