Rules Tom Purdy Croquet Tournament

Second Annual Tom Purdy Croquet Tournament August 27, 2016.  Start time 2:00 PM


Location: Ken Purdy’s cabin on the Mississippi River.  My website has a map to the cabin on it.


$2 entry fee all to be paid back to top 3 winners and winners of each game.  The tournament is open to all friends, friends of friends, relatives, and guests.



1.  Goal.  Go through all 9 wickets and hit the starting stake.

2.  If mallet is intentionally swung and taps the ball, that is a hit. Official rules say a miss is counted as a stroke.

3.  One additional hit is earned for each wicket the ball completely clears.  No more than 2 accumulated hits at any time. 

4.  A ball must completely go through the wicket and not roll back into it.  Where the ball stops is what determines if it is through the wicket.

5.  Two additional hits earned if you hit an opponent’s ball with your ball.   If you hit two opponents’ balls on the same shot (they’ll be in pain), the first opponent is the one that counts and only two hits are accumulated.

6.  Note, to get additional shots by hitting an opponents ball, all balls involved must have gone through the first wicket to the right of the starting two wickets.  You can hit a ball before you go through the first wicket, you just don’t get any extra shots.

7. You may send an opponents ball with one of your two shots after hitting them.  You will then have one shot left.

8.  Any ball sent further than 10 ft. outside the wickets may be carried back to an imaginary rectangle which goes around the court 10 feet outside the wickets at the players next turn.

9. Balls sent under the steps can be moved one foot north of the concrete but still stay under the steps.  If a ball is sent under a vehicle it may be moved one mallet head away from the car.

10.  You may pick up and throw away 3 of these items during a game that may be in your path.  Sticks, rocks, mud balls, or leaves.  You may not block someone’s path with them.  

11. The top two winners from each court (6 people) will go to the finals.  If we have more or less people the qualification process may change.   

12.  There is not a penalty for going out of turn.  You try to move the balls back that are affected by the last player going out of turn.  

13.  After striking an opponents’ ball, the striker has to pass thru a wicket before striking the same opponents ball again to earn bonus shots.


We will draw a playing card to determine which court and what order you play in on that court.  Hearts will be on Andy Carpenter’s Court, Diamonds on river side of Volleyball court, and Clubs on West side of VB court. We’ll stick a card on each stake to remind you which court is which. The cards 1(ace), through 6 of hearts, diamonds, clubs will be used.   1 (ace) gets the top color on the stake (blue) and goes first.  6 gets the bottom color and goes lasts.  We’ll have 3 courts set up. If more than 18 players, we will have two rounds.  You don’t have to remember all this, we’ll guide you.

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